New on DVD

The Flash: The Complete First Season: There's a reason The Flash was the most-watched series premiere in The CW's history. It's a show that respects comic book readers but is accessible enough if you don't know the difference between The Flash and Quicksilver.

Pitch Perfect 2: The Barden Bellas have found their harmony again to make Pitch Perfect 2 nearly as much fun as the original.

The Adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants: Complete collection of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episodes.

Arrow: Complete Third Season: All 23 episodes, plus almost three hours of extras.

The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements: A look at what the world is made of to understand the basic building blocks.

The Red Road: The Complete Second Season: Drama that centers around the clash between a Native American tribe and a small town.

The Last Man on Earth: Will Forte stars in the Fox comedy about a man who believes he's alone on the planet.

Saint Laurent: Look at the life and influences of Yves Saint Laurent.

The New Stone Soup in American Sign Language: Celebrates the power of sharing through sign language.

Kindness is Contagious: Documentary on the benefits of being nice.

In the Name of My Daughter: Young woman must deal with family secrets as she tries to bounce back from a failed marriage.

Pop Life: Documentary that looks at the popularity of street drugs.

Jumanji: The Robin Williams film has been released on Blu-ray.

The Nanny: Season Four: Fran Drescher stars.

The Sentinel: A model's New York apartment comes with some strange extras. Originally released in 1977.

Chain of Command: Man's efforts to avenge his brother's death takes him into world of corruption.

Rick Bentley, The Fresno Bee