Owensboro native competes in "Last Comic Standing' spinoff

Stand-up comic and Owensboro native Stevie D., aka Steve Dupin, is one of 10 comedians competing in an advertising spinoff to the NBC show Last Comic Standing.

Dupin's 30-second clip for the ”Last Comic Driving“ ad campaign for the Honda Pilot SUV aired during Thursday's episode of Last Comic Standing. Viewers are asked to visit to vote on their favorite comic. Voting for Dupin ends July 17.

”I'm not sure if everyone back in Owensboro caught it, but I know my family was watching,“ said Stevie D., a regular on the Los Angeles comedy circuit. ”In L.A., I let just about everybody know where I'm from — if they can't already tell from my '79 Trans Am and what some people have told me is my "Kentucky drawl.'“

The winner of ”Last Comic Driving“ will be featured on the season finale of Last Comic Standing.

Dupin, an Apollo High School grad, is also producing and hosting a comedy feature film called Rockstars of Comedy, which is due for release in September.