Pixar's 'Up' is a soaring success

Pixar's latest animation, Up, is enchanting.

It begins in the 1930s, when a boy named Carl is inspired by a newsreel of an explorer named Charles Muntz (voiced by Christopher Plummer), who flies a dirigible to a previously unknown area in South America. Soon, though, Muntz — and his find of a giant bird — are discredited.

Carl, though, is a believer, and so is Ellie, a girl his age. A wordless montage shows the two growing up, marrying and dreaming of the future as they gaze at clouds.

Ellie and balloon salesman Carl grow old lovingly, but there are no children and they are never able to save the money to search for Muntz's Paradise Falls.

Now Carl, 78, (voiced with verve by Ed Asner) is a widower. He uses a cane.

A page in his boyhood adventure book called "The stuff I'm going to do" inspires him. Using helium balloons, he floats his house away. It turns out that a persistent Wilderness Explorer, Russell (Jordan Nagai), who has been trying to get his merit badge by helping old people, is an accidental stowaway.

They end up in Paradise Falls and find talking dogs and that giant bird.

Up is a lovely story about deferred dreams and what's important in life to hang on to.

The basic DVD's bonus features include two cute shorts — Partly Cloudy, with storks, clouds and dangerous babies; and Dug's Special Mission, featuring one of the talking dogs of Up — and a documentary about the tabletop mountains in Venezuela that inspired the setting of Paradise Falls.

Up sells for $29.99, $39.99 for two discs and $45.99 for a four-disc combo (regular DVD, Blu-ray and digital edition plus extras).