Jack Bauer's back to kill enemies and time in '24'

You won't have to wait long for Jack Bauer's latest innovative kill. It comes just before the end of the first hour of 24's eighth season, which kicks off at 9 p.m. Sunday with a two-hour special on Fox.

During the previous seven seasons (and one television movie), Bauer has killed nearly 200 foes and even some friends, according to the Web site In celebration of the badass that is Bauer, here's a guide to the new cast and the past days of anarchy that might be referenced this season, as well as Bauer's best kills.

Meet the season 8 cast

Returning: Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), FBI agent Renee Walker (Annie Wersching), President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) and Counter Terrorist Unit analyst Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub).

New: Middle Eastern political leader Omar Hassan (Anil Kapoor), CTU head Brian Hastings (Mykelti Williamson), CTU analyst Dana Walsh (Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff) and CTU agent Cole Ortiz (Freddie Prinze Jr.).

New setting: Instead of Los Angeles and Washington, which have been the main settings for previous seasons, this one's in New York.

Jack bauer's Best Kills

Season 2: Bauer shoots and kills a henchman with a flare gun.

Season 2: He uses a hacksaw to cut off a terrorist's head and deliver it to a crime lord while he's undercover.

Season 4: He sneaks out of a rack of sports clothes and stabs a terrorist in the neck.

Season 5: Even though the victim didn't die, the best Bauer moment might be when he's trying to force villain Christopher Henderson (Peter Weller) to talk. He threatens to shoot Henderson but instead shoots his wife above the kneecap. After the shot, he screams, "I shot her above the kneecap. She can still walk. You make me shoot her again, she'll be in a wheelchair the rest of her life." Henderson still wouldn't talk. If he hadn't been killed later, I'm sure a divorce was coming.

Season 6: He bites a criminal to death.

Season 1

(Terrorist) plot: Eastern European terrorists try to kill Bauer and then-Sen. David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) for their roles in their father's supposed death.

Terrorists could learn from ... the inside man: Get a mole inside the organization that will investigate you. In this case, the Counter Terrorist Unit's Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke).

Bauer's kills: 10.

Season 2

(Terrorist) plot: Terrorists plan to detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.

Terrorists could learn from ... sleight of hand: The brains behind the nuke are businessmen looking to start a war in the Middle East to drive up oil prices, so they use a Middle Eastern terrorist group to attempt to detonate it.

Bauer's kills: 31.

Season 3

(Terrorist) plot: A deadly virus.

Terrorists could learn from ... having no soul: The mastermind had a daughter. Big mistake. Bauer threatens to kill her unless the terrorist gives up information.

Bauer's kills: 14.

Season 4

(Terrorist) plot: Middle Eastern terrorists cause meltdowns at nuclear plants and plan to shoot down Air Force One while launching a missile at the West Coast. Boy, so many plans.

Terrorists could learn from ... never trusting anybody: A presidential pardon for one of the mastermind's associates leads her to turn against him and help bring him into custody.

Bauer's kills: 44.

Season 5

(Terrorist) plot: Oil again. This time, a conspiracy including President Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin) seeks to give deadly nerve gas to Russian terrorists. It would be detonated there, havoc would be wreaked, and the United States would get a foothold in the oil-rich region.

Terrorists could learn from ... the value of a well-placed sniper: Former President Palmer, who had learned about the plot, gets a bullet in the head to open the season.

Bauer's kills: 37.

Season 6

(Terrorist) plot: Suitcase nukes. One is set off in California.

Terrorists could learn from ... not having kids: Bauer's father and brother wind up as part of the conspiracy, just as they were involved in events in season 5. Jack tortures his brother and then watches as his father is killed.

Bauer's kills: 25.

'24: Redemption' TV movie

(Terrorist) plot: This precursor to the seventh season introduces viewers to an African dictator. Bauer is hiding in the country to avoid a federal subpoena.

Terrorists could learn from ... manipulating emotions: He's not even a terrorist, but a U.S. embassy employee persuades Bauer to be extradited to answer the subpoena by saying he won't help the children whom Bauer was looking after escape the war-torn country.

Bauer's kills: 14.

Season 7

(Terrorist) plot: The African dictator captures the White House to stop an invasion of his country. Meanwhile, the head of a defense contractor plans to launch chemical weapons to persuade the government to turn over national security to companies like his.

Terrorists could learn from ... checking out the architectural specs: The terrorists invade the White House using a series of underwater tunnels connected to the Potomac River.

Bauer's kills: 24.