New on DVD: 'Inception,' 'Eclipse' get high marks for storytelling

Here is a look at three of this week's new DVD releases.

'Inception' : A team travels into dreams to steal secrets in this film from director Christopher Nolan.

With Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Nolan showed phenomenal skill in combining rich character development with bone-crunching action.

With Memento and Insomnia, he coupled that same intriguing character development with unconventional storytelling.

Those films were prep work for Inception. In this ingenious film, Nolan combines a mind-blowing story with thrill-ride action while finding time to create interesting three-dimensional characters.

'Restrepo': Describing Restrepo on the surface makes it sound like yet another documentary from a few more embedded journalists about a seemingly unending war. Functionally, that's all the film sets out to be. But what happens in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley transcends the conflict and the current events that surround it, and without any filmmaker intervention, it magnificently exemplifies the bond that forms between soldiers tasked with carrying out one of the hardest jobs in the world.

'The Human Comedy': This 1943 film based on the story by William Saroyan is just one of the new Warner Bros. Archives collection films that has been re-released. Other new titles include Your Cheatin' Heart and Boys' Night Out.