George Clooney goes Euro in the thriller 'The American'

There are some, no doubt, who'll say that after the release of George Clooney's The American on Tuesday, nothing else matters. To them, I say Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season Two.

Er, I mean, you're right.

Clooney stars as a professional assassin who must complete that proverbial "one last job" before retiring. Hiding out in Italy, hoping to outlive his past, he finds — what else? — a beautiful woman to pursue.

This is a thriller in the European mode, meaning it's quieter, more affecting and way less violent than an American-style take on the subject might be. The film is rated R and comes in regular DVD (list price $29.98) and Blu-ray ($39.98). It also will be available for digital download and on-demand.

So, about those Jersey Shore folks: If this is something you've got to see, be prepared for more drama, more partying, more, uh, "situations" and The Situation.

The four-disc set includes interviews with the cast, extended versions of some of the more explosive scenes from the series, and a sneak peek at the next season, coming in January on MTV.

Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season Two is not rated and lists for $29.99. For the next six weeks only, you can get a two-pack, Uncensored: Season One and Season Two for the special price of $36.99. Cheap at ... well, just leave it at "cheap."