'I'm tired,' says 'Amazing Race' winner

Sisters Kisha, left, and Jen Hoffman won the $1 million first prize on The Amazing Race.
Sisters Kisha, left, and Jen Hoffman won the $1 million first prize on The Amazing Race.

While figuring out a way to spend a $1 million, the two former University of Louisville athletes who won The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business know one thing: They're done.

"I'm tired," said Kisha Hoffman, who won with her younger sister Jen on the episode of CBS's race-around-the-world reality competition that aired Sunday.

"I want to go back to my regular life," she said. "If I travel the world again, I want it to be on my leisure time and not going against all these other teams."

Jen said, "This race takes so much out of you ... sleep deprivation and starvation." You are not exactly at your best as a human being, she said. It's good, she said, that she raced with her sister, "someone I couldn't divorce."

While the win is sublime, the journey can be ridiculous.

Kisha found herself wondering, "Is it really worth a million dollars to be running around Australia in a kangaroo suit?" referring to an early challenge on the race.

"We found ourselves arguing over the shape of a poo pattie," she said, referring to a challenge in India that required making uniform cow dung circles.

The Hoffmans beat out 10 other two-person teams, three with Kentucky ties. The 18th season of the Emmy-winning show featured fan's favorite teams who had competed before but not won. Jen, 26, lives in Louisville, where she is the assistant volleyball coach at U of L. Kisha, 30, is a basketball coach in the Bronx, N.Y.

Father-daughter team Gary and Mallory Ervin of Morganfield, in Western Kentucky, came in third — apparently because they had bad luck with a taxi driver, a recurring problem on The Amazing Race.

"That dang cab driver, he may have lost us a million dollars," said Mallory, 25, in an interview after the finale.

The ironic thing is that she and her dad, Gary, 53, originally got into a different cab at the Miami airport, one with an English-speaking driver and a GPS. But a woman said she'd been waiting for that taxi for 30 minutes. "Being the polite Kentuckians that we are," said Mallory, who was Miss Kentucky 2009, they let her take it and they ended up with a driver who took them way out of their way.

Even though she wasn't a winner, Mallory has several job offers pending. "Hopefully," she said, "you will see me on TV soon."

As for her dad, he said it's hard to pick a favorite part of the journey. From a plane ride through the Alps to a boat trip down the Ganges, it was all pretty amazing.

So would they be up for a third global trek?

Yes, they say.

"There is so much of the world to see," Gary said. "Every time is something different."

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