Comedic concept works surprisingly well in 'Safety Not Guaranteed'

Safety Not Guaranteed is an inventive little indie comedy that shows sometimes a little concept can go a long way.

Proving she's someone to watch, Aubrey Plaza (the acerbic April on TV's Parks and Recreation) plays a young journalist named Darius working at a Seattle magazine. The editors have come across a small anonymous personal ad from someone looking for a time-traveling companion. "Must bring your own weapons," the ad says. "Safety not guaranteed." The address is a post office box in a small town in Washington state. (The movie was inspired by a real ad in the '90s).

Darius' boss, Jeff (Jake Johnson of TV's New Girl), desperate for a story, decides to track down the supposed time traveler, bringing along Darius and intern Arnau (Karan Soni). Jeff, who is having his own problems, has other motives for the trip and hopes to track down an old flame. Darius and Arnau are sent to stake out the post office, where they spot Kenneth (Mark Duplass), owner of the post-office box. Kenneth, as it turns out, wants to return to 2001 to rescue a girlfriend who died.

Safety Not Guaranteed is delightfully offbeat and amusing, and surprisingly touching.

Safety Not Guaranteed retails for $30.98 or $35.98 on Blu-ray.