NBA Finals interruption was by cable company, WTVQ official says

A test emergency message on Lexington's WTVQ-TV (Channel 36) interrupted the final moments in Tuesday night's coverage of the NBA Finals.

The game between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs had gone into overtime, and it was interrupted for about 30 seconds by a black screen with an emergency alert system message, WTVQ general manager Chris Aldridge said. The message was sent by Time Warner Cable, not WTVQ, Aldridge said.

He also said that a scrolling emergency alert message that ran across the top of the screen was something all Kentucky TV stations run monthly, and that the message was "unobtrusive." He said the scrolling message coincidentally occurred during a timeout.

"It wasn't during action on the court," Aldridge said.

Officials with Time Warner Cable did not return messages.