Super Bowl in seven notes

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has created a little commercial sensation with his commercials for Nationwide, where he seems to live his life to the company’s jingle, “Nationwide is on you side.” “Do I really look like this,” he hums, contemplating his bobble head doll. “Epic comeback starts right here,” he says while being obliterated in a ping-pong match with children.

We asked readers to give us some Super Bowl thoughts to the same tune, on Facebook. Here are some of out favorites.

▪ Chicken wings you taste so good — Marcie Jean Timmerman

▪ Grandma likes the Puppy Bowl — Wayne Thomas

▪ Wake me for commercial breaks — Hope Steele

▪ Wake me for the halftime show — Wayne Thomas

▪ Getting sick of Papa John’s — Blake Hannon

▪ Orange is my fav’rite shade — Scott Bradley

▪ Cam Newton is the MVP — Greg Klein

▪ Newton meet the Orange Crush — Paul Lyon

▪ Cam and Peyton? My, oh my! — Marsha Rollins Cable

▪ Tired of Manning everywhere — Clark Gordon

▪ Peyton Manning is the best!! — Kim Humphries White

▪ Eli has more rings than me — Donald Mason

▪ Football games are not my thing — Hope Steele