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Test your Lexington-ness: What's your Lex Drive score?

No such thing as over the top at the annual Beaux Arts Fall Ball.
No such thing as over the top at the annual Beaux Arts Fall Ball.

Sure, you might live in Lexington, but just how "Lexington" are you?

We here at Central have devised a test to rate your Lexington-ness, what we'll call your "Lex Drive." Part scavenger hunt, part credibility quiz, part nostalgic adventure, our quiz will see how many quintessential Lexington experiences you have had. The more experiences you've had, the more points you get and the better your score.

Prepare to evaluate what you've eaten, what you own, what you've done and where you've been. And be ready to subtract some points for crimes against your true Lexington-ness.

To get a perfect score, you'll need to attain a nearly impossible 200 points. Find a scorecard at right.



  +1 if you were born in Lexington.

  +1 for each historic home you've visited: the Mary Todd Lincoln House; Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate; the Hunt-Morgan House; Pope Villa; the Bodley-Bullock House; Waveland.

  +1 if you have read or own a copy of The Bluegrass Conspiracy.

  +1 if you have visited the graves of more than five of the historically significant people buried in Lexington Cemetery. +1 if you have visited the grave of famed 19th-century Lexington madam Belle Brezing in Calvary Cemetery.

  +1 if you have seen the Blue Hole at McConnell Springs, where legend has it Lexington was founded.


  +1 if you have been inside the Federal Medical Center on Leestown Road, formerly known as "The Narco," because it was one of the nation's first drug-rehabilitation centers.

  +1 for each downtown fountain that you have run through: the freestanding waterfall at the south end of Courthouse Plaza, the water jets at the plaza's north end, the defunct jets at the corner of Triangle Park. +1 each if you've taken a dip in the fountains along the back of Triangle Park, those in Thoroughbred Park or those in the Chase Bank plaza.

  +1 if you have been to the top floor of the Fifth Third Bank Building, the tallest building in Lexington.

  +1 if you went inside the castle on Versailles Road before it was renovated into CastlePost (yes, this is in Woodford County, but it's associated with Lexington).

  +1 if you ever lived in the January House, the mansion on Second Street that was once full of apartments.

Food and drink

  +1 if you have eaten at Sam's Hot Dog Stand or Coney Island.

  +1 if you have made an earnest attempt to drink all the beers at Marikka's. +1 if you were successful.

  +1 for each of the following that you've eaten: an O'Round from Lynagh's, a hot Brown from Ramsey's, a Poor Boy from the Parkette, a burger from Burger Shake, the Hoppin' John at Alfalfa, the fried chicken at Merrick Inn, the bread pudding at Keeneland, a steak Oscar at Malone's.

  +1 if you regularly buy your produce at any farmers market in Lexington.

Arts and culture

  +1 for each of these outdoor arts events that you have attended at least twice: Woodland Art Fair, Summerfest/Lexington Shakespeare Festival, Mayfest, Ballet Under the Stars, Picnic With the Pops, the Festival of the Bluegrass.

  +1 if you own more than three pieces of local art.

  +1 if you've played a zombie in the annual Thriller Parade. +1 if you've played Michael Jackson.

  +1 for each of these classic Lexington bands that you have seen in concert: Velvet Elvis, The Chinese, The Metropolitan Blues Allstars, The Blueberries, Vale of Tears, Two Small Bodies.

  +1 each if you have ever attended readings by these noted Lexington writers: Nikky Finney, George Ella Lyon, gayl jones, Gurney Norman, Ed McClanahan, Guy Davenport, Thomas D. Clark, Kim Edwards.

  +1 if you have danced under the Studio 54-inspired lights at The Bar Complex. +1 if you've seen a drag show there, or anywhere else.

  +1 if you've gone in costume to the Beaux Arts Ball. +1 if you've gone in costume to the Night of Mischief party.

  +1 if you've gone to Southern Lights.

  +1 each if you have gotten on stage during open-mike nights at Comedy Off Broadway or Common Grounds.

  +1 if you have dressed up for one of the Kentucky Theatre's screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. +1 if you threw toast during the toast.

  +1 for each of these cultural festivals you have attended: Roots and Heritage Festival, Lexington Pride Festival, Festival Latino de Lexington, Japan! Summer Festival, Chinese New Year Celebration, Fourth of July Festival.

  +1 for each museum or gallery exhibit you have visited in the past year. Maximum of 10 points, and each Gallery Hop counts as only +1.

  +1 if you were at the Dame at its old West Main Street home on its last night of operations in 2008; the Swells and the Hot Club of Cowtown played.

  +1 if you were in attendance at Rupp Arena's only Thanksgiving night show ever, by Jethro Tull in 1977. +1 if you play jazz flute.

  +1 for each of these concerts that you have attended by the only three artists to have sold out multiple-night engagements at Rupp Arena: Pink Floyd, Garth Brooks, Backstreet Boys.

  +1 if you were or are a DJ on WRFL, UK's student-run radio station.

  +1 for each of these celebrities you have seen around town: Ashley Judd, William Shatner, Steve Zahn, Sam Shepard, Bobby Flay, Orlando Bloom, Susan Sarandon, Carson Kressley, Kirsten Dunst, Laura Bell Bundy, Elizabeth Taylor, Farah Fath, Bruce Springsteen, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson.

Big Blue Nation

  +1 if you own more than five pieces of University of Kentucky-themed clothing. +1 if you bought it at Dawahare's. +1 if you bought the "Ashley Judd UK shirt" at Dawahare's.

  +1 if you have tickets to a UK men's basketball game. +1 if you have season tickets. +1 if you have sat in the eRupption Zone student seating.

  +1 if you can sing the UK fight song by heart.

  +1 if you celebrated at Woodland and Euclid avenues after a big UK win.

  +1 if you have tickets to see any other UK team besides men's basketball or football.

Sports and recreation

  +1 if you've played every public golf course in Fayette County.

  +1 if you've played sand volleyball at The Bar Lexington/A1A Sand Bar and Grill.

  +1 if you roller-skated at the old Champs roller rink on Palumbo Drive. +1 if you ice-skated at the Lexington Ice Center. +1 if you have skated at the brand-new Unified Trust Co. Ice Rink at Triangle Park.

  +1 if you have attended more than five Lexington Legends baseball games. +1 if you have caught a foul ball.

  +1 for each of the Lexington sports mascots you have had your photo taken with: UK's Wildcat, UK's Scratch and the Legends' Big L.

  +1 if you have bowled a game at either Collins Lanes bowling alleys. +1 if you've drunk a Budweiser beer from one of those bowling pin-shaped bottles.

  +1 if you've gone sledding on the hill by Shriners Hospital for Children.

  +1 if you have run or walked in the Bluegrass 10,000.

  +1 if you have done the Walk Across Kentucky at The Arboretum. +1 if you have hiked all the way to the Kentucky River Overlook at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.

  +1 if you have traveled the entire length of the Legacy Trail.

  +1 if you have attended a game during the Sweet Sixteen high school boys' state basketball tournament at Rupp Arena.

  +1 for each of these sports celebrities you have seen around town: Sam Bowie, Dermontti Dawson, Tim Couch, Jamal Mashburn, Kenny Walker.


  +1 if you've bought patchouli, incense or some other earthy/hippie paraphernalia at Sqecial Media. +1 if you know why that Q isn't followed by a U.

  +1 if you visited the Talking Tree at Howard Curry Shoes.

  +1 if you have a membership card to Good Foods Market and Café. +1 if you have a Lexington Public Library card.

  +1 if you visit a local coffeehouse (i.e., not Starbucks) at least once a week. +1 if you shop at a locally owned retailer at least once a month.

  +1 if you have sold your used CDs to CD Central. +1 if you sold them to the defunct Cut Corner Records.

  +1 for each of these globally known, Lexington-made products that you own: Tempur-Pedic mattress, Lexmark printer, IBM Selectric typewriter, Jif peanut butter (most likely made here).

  +1 if you own something from The J. Peterman Co. +1 if you own something from J. Peterman that you bought before it was featured on Seinfeld. +1 if you worked at J. Peterman.


  +1 if you've ridden LexTran more than three times. +1 if you've taken the Colt Trolley.

  +1 if you have driven all the way around New Circle Road in one non-stop trip. -1 if you did it because you were lost. +1 if you have driven non-stop from one end of Man o' War Boulevard to the other (and no, MoW doesn't end at Hamburg; it keeps going for almost 2 more miles). +1 if you did it on a bicycle.

  +1 if you commute to work by bike. +1 if you've ridden up and down the Blue Grass Airport's runway during the Second Sunday event there. +1 if you've ridden in the Naked Bike Ride.

  +1 if you have ridden the Valley View Ferry across the Kentucky River.


  +1 if you've bet on a horse at Keeneland. +1 if you've won more than $20 on one bet. +1 if you've won more than $100 on one bet.

  +1 if you regularly ride a horse. +1 if you wear riding boots because you regularly ride a horse. -1 if you wear riding boots (or jodhpurs or any other riding paraphernalia) and have never ridden a horse.

  +1 if you attended at least one event at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

  +1 for each of these events that you have regularly attended: Rolex Three-Day Event, polo matches, harness racing at The Red Mile, the National Horse Show.

  +1 if you have measured your stride against that of the great (giant) horse Man o' War at the Kentucky Horse Park. +1 if you have visited Funny Cide and Go for Gin, the only Kentucky Derby winners who are readily accessible, at the Horse Park.


  +1 if have a tattoo from a local tattoo shop. +1 if it's Kentucky-themed.

  +1 if you graduated from a Lexington college. +1 if you still have your student ID and have used it for a discount after you were no longer a student.

  +1 if you can name at least three Lexington mayors besides the current officeholder, Jim Gray. +1 if you can name the Urban County Councilman representing your district. +1 if you can name your state representative. +1 if you can name your state senator.

  +1 if you have driven along Old Frankfort Pike, one of the prettiest roads in the state, to admire the beauty, not necessarily because you were trying to get somewhere.

  +1 if you have visited any of Lexington's sister cities: Deauville, France; County Kildare, Ireland; Newmarket, England; or Shinhidaka, Japan.

Past points

These points are no longer attainable. Award yourself points if you accomplished any of these now-impossible feats.

  +1 for each of these places that you partied at: The Dame, the Wrocklage, Cafe LMNOP, Lynagh's Music Club, the old Jefferson Davis Inn, the Fishtank, 803 South, Holiday Inn North's lounge, the Bungalow.

  +1 for each of these places that you ate at: the Saratoga, Levas', Furlongs, the Coach House.

  +1 if you went to at least one Thoroughblades ice hockey game. +1 if you went to at least one Lexington Horsemen arena football game.

  +1 if you attended Anita Madden's legendary Derby Eve party. +1 if you attended Marylou Whitney's Derby Eve party.

  +1 if were a member of either Lafayette or Paul Laurence Dunbar high schools' multiple state championship-winning marching bands.

Subtract points

  -1 if you regularly complain that there's nothing to do in Lexington.

  -1 if you have threatened to move. -1 if you threatened to move, moved and then came back.

  -1 if you regularly complain about traffic.

  -1 if you regularly complain about the obsession over UK basketball.

  -1 if you ever set a couch on fire after a big UK win.

  -1 if you have lived here for more than six months and still think New Circle Road is the best way to get from any one part of town to another.

  -1 if you didn't vote in the 2011 general election.

  -1 if your mug shot has ever been on the Department of Corrections' online inmate database.

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