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Naked intruder killed during assault attempt. Why was Kentucky victim's son arrested?

A Louisville man was arrested Tuesday night after his mother was attacked by a naked intruder, police said.

Police say Lugene Floyd Jr., 19, was in his kitchen with his brother Saturday when another man entered the home naked and attempted to sexually assault their mother, according to court records. Records do not say where the man entered the home.

Floyd's brother retrieved a gun and fatally shot the intruder, who was identified by WDRB News as Darryl Turbin Jr.

After the man was shot, Floyd took the gun from his brother and fled the scene prior to police's arrival, court records show.

Floyd was charged with evidence tampering and was taken to Louisville Metro Corrections.

In an unrelated earlier case, he was charged in February with trafficking marijuana while carrying a deadly weapon, fleeing or evading police and evidence tampering.

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