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UK College of Design takes crack at its own downtown project

The University of Kentucky's College of Design will do a three-day design workshop this weekend on alternative ideas for the downtown block where the CentrePointe project is proposed.

Dean Michael Speaks said the idea ”congealed“ after faculty members talked to him in recent weeks about the controversial downtown project that has attracted criticism for its mediocre design and size.

The consensus was ”why don't we take a crack at it,“ Speaks said. ”After all, that's what schools of architecture do.“

Tackling the project will be three design teams. Two will led by young architects from Chicago and Los Angeles. The third will be guided by faculty member Clyde Carpenter, head of the college's historic preservation program. Students will serve on each team.

Speaks will take the teams to visit the downtown block early Friday afternoon. They will work through Sunday night.

Their designs will be presented from 10 a.m. to noon Monday in the College of Design's second floor lecture auditorium. The public is invited.

Speaks has attempted to stage an international design competition for a new CentrePointe design. ”So there is no confusion, this is not that competition,“ he said. ”This is a College of Design event.“