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Specialty car tag to benefit quail population

HORSE CAVE — A new specialty license plate will benefit the conservationist group Kentucky Council of Quail Unlimited, the Glasgow Daily Times reported.

”I've seen the proliferation of the specialty tags in Tennessee,“ said group chairman John McDonald of Horse Cave, a former state police employee. ”And I knew if we did it, it would be a fund-raiser for the state council.“

The specialty tags feature a painting of a pair of quail, with the slogan ”Promoting Wildlife“ written across the bottom of the plate.

Ten dollars from the sale of each tag will go to the Kentucky Council of Quail Unlimited. The national headquarters and other chapters will not get any of the money, McDonald said.

In Hart County, about 40 people have asked about getting the tags, County Clerk Lisa Hensley said.

The proceeds will be used for habitat and education projects.

”Quail populations have dramatically declined in the United States in the last 50 years and seriously in the last 20 years,“ McDonald said, blaming the decline on loss of the bird's habitat.

Factors including agricultural practices have contributed to this habitat loss, which makes the quail more susceptible to predators such as hawks and coyotes, McDonald said.

The projects Quail Unlimited hopes to do would also help other species, such as the brown nesting songbird, which McDonald said is experiencing the same type of habitat problem.