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LexTran offers new guides, park/ride site

A new park-and-ride location and different types of guides for getting around Lexington are among several changes LexTran is making starting Aug. 25.

The park-and-ride location will be at 1500 Bull Lea Road, just outside the Coldstream Research Campus administration building. LexTran bus riders will be able to park their cars in the campus parking lot and take the Newtown Pike Route 2 bus into town and back.

Park-and-ride hours will be from 6:20 a.m. to 8:20 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The only change to this existing bus route is the stop at Bull Lea Road.

”We were asked by the folks over there at Coldstream to provide service a little bit closer to the building over there,“ LexTran spokesman Dave Riggins said, adding that Coldstream administrators offered to provide space for a park-and-ride location.

”We really appreciate this offer; it's just another example of community partners wanting to collaborate with LexTran,“ he said.

Later this month, LexTran riders will have available to them new bus system maps, which will replace the annual Ride Guide book.

The map will contain all LexTran routes, points of interest, fare charges and tips for using the bus system. Maps for particular routes also will be available.

All of the maps will be in English and Spanish and will be free.