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Bourbon jail allegations increase

PARIS — State police investigating the Bourbon County jail said staffers created a document requesting a suicide watch for an inmate who had already killed himself.

The allegation is one of several being investigated, including that an e-mail alerting staff to the inmate's request for medical care was ordered to be deleted. An affidavit obtained Wednesday also reveals state police and the FBI have examined why an internal investigation was apparently not completed after an inmate possessing narcotics had them stolen by someone else.

A state police search warrant executed Tuesday followed a series of interviews over the past months with jail staffers. They told state police that the jailer, Tony Horn, had ordered a deputy to delete an e-mail sent relaying suicidal inmate Daniel Trimble's request for medical care.

Trimble later was found dead in his cell Feb. 15, though the circumstances were not disclosed.

Chief Deputy Jailer Sandy Dotson told investigators that Horn said the e-mail about Trimble did not need to be in the computer system.

Investigators wrote that another deputy jailer said Dotson told Deputy Adam Vice to ”fill out a suicide-watch report after the death,“ according to the affidavit.

”Vice stated he filled it out and Dotson placed it in Trimble's jail file while investigators were still at the (jail) investigating Trimble's death,“ the affidavit read.

Dotson declined to comment.

A list of the items seized Tuesday included paperwork related to Trimble, 28, of Paris. State police Sgt. Bart Taylor said Trimble had been booked at the jail since Aug. 7, 2007, on a charge of fourth-degree assault.

Investigators also searched Horn's and Dotson's vehicles, though all five items seized were from their offices.

No charges have been filed against anyone at the jail.

Horn did not return calls Wednesday about the investigation but he told the Herald-Leader on Tuesday night, ”I've done nothing wrong, personally.“

Bourbon Judge-Executive Donnie Foley said he was aware of a ”rumor“ about the suicide-watch report and previously asked Horn to address it in a closed session with the county's fiscal court.

Foley would not disclose what occurred.

The fiscal court did not take action, he said, leaving it to Horn. He said he was not aware of what actions, if any, Horn took.

Narcotics allegations

The affidavit also alleged that narcotics were ”improperly stored or held“ at the jail.

A woman told state police April 27 that methadone was stolen from her husband, who was an inmate at the jail. She was interviewed again the next month by the FBI, which declined to discuss the investigation.

On May 22, the woman wore a recording device to the jail, where she spoke with corrections officers and Horn.

Their conversation, the affidavit alleges, confirmed the theft of the narcotics and left investigators uncertain as to whether the jail staff conducted an investigation of the incident.

The staff told the woman, the affidavit said, that a suspect was removed from the detention center and the narcotics were found in that person's cell.

A month later, state investigators interviewed Dotson, who said ”she was aware of the methadone theft and that an internal investigation should have been completed.“ According to the affidavit, she also said cocaine was found near a dumpster outside the jail and was ”unaware of any investigation being conducted.“

State police were also contacted in July that inmates at the jail had a cell phone and were ”making inappropriate phone calls while on work release.“

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