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Alltech grants fellowship to UK grad student

Alltech, a Nicholasville-based manufacturer of feed supplements for animal health and nutrition, gave its first Margin of Excellence $40,000 fellowship to the University of Kentucky on Monday to support graduate students in science.

Alltech announced in a release that a recipient could receive a total of $200,000 over five years of graduate study. This is in addition to any grants that UK might award.

The fellowship also includes money for travel to conferences and other laboratories and bonuses for extraordinary performance and mentoring.

A fellow can get a $10,000 bonus by staying in Kentucky to work for three years.

The first recipient is UK's Anne Koontz, who will begin doctoral studies this fall in animal and food sciences. She has a bachelor's degree in animal science from Oklahoma State University and is completing a master's degree in animal nutrition at UK.

Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech, said: ”This program is very exciting to us because it attracts brilliant, young minds to our state.“