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Danville citizens to vote on city government change

DANVILLE — In addition to choosing a president on Nov. 4, Danville voters will decide whether to change their form of city government.

Boyle County Clerk Denise Curtsinger said Monday that enough signatures of registered voters had been collected to put a question on the general election ballot that asks whether Danville should change from the city manager form of government to a mayor-council form of government.

The petition was turned in Aug. 12 with more than 1,400 signatures. The petition needed 1,241 signatures, and Curtsinger said more than 1,290 were verified.

Tim Montgomery, a petition organizer, said gaining enough signatures “was a pretty easy sell.” But he acknowledged that it will take more work to gain a majority of voters to approve the plan.

Montgomery said earlier that he thought the mayor-council form was a better fit for the city.

Danville residents voted in 1966 to change to a city manager-city commission form of government. It went into effect in 1970.

Then, in 1991, Danville voters were asked to change back to a mayor-council form of government. That was defeated 2,472-538.

Under the current city manager plan of government, all legislative and executive authority is vested in and exercised by a board of commissioners. A city manager, a trained professional, is the chief administrative officer who prepares a budget, supervises all city departments and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of city government.

Under a mayor-city council form of government, all executive authority is vested in and exercised by the mayor. Departments report to the mayor as he or she deems desirable. The mayor also has veto power.