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Woman fears for missing husband

A Lexington woman says her husband has been missing since July 5 and that she fears the worst.

Peggy Whitaker said Wednesday that her husband, Charles Lee Whitaker Jr., 41, left home after they had an argument on July 3. She said he sent her some text messages on July 5, and then phoned his daughter saying he intended to kill himself.

No one has heard from him since.

“He would have called me by now,” Peggy Whitaker said. “Personally, I'm fearing the worst. I think he is dead.”

Peggy Whitaker has filed a missing person's report on her husband with the Lexington Police Department, and WLEX-TV ran a story about the case about two weeks ago.

Neither report has generated a response, Peggy Whit­aker said.

According to his wife, Charles Whitaker is unemployed but receives Social Security payments through a direct benefits card. She said police have tried to determine whether anyone has used his card, but haven't received a reply.

“The police are saying that he's just a man who doesn't want to be found,” she said. “But he's not that type of man. He has no money; he has plenty of reasons to come home. But he hasn't even checked on his mother or called any members of his family.”

She said her husband missed a July 10 appointment with his probation officer, related to an earlier domestic incident. He also missed a July 14 appearance in Fayette District Court, she said.

“He's never missed appointments before,” Peggy Whitaker said. “Even if he had just up and left, at least he would have made the payment on his Jeep. But he didn't.

“If he really doesn't want to be found, I can deal with that. But I don't see it. He's my husband, I love him and I want to make sure he's OK.”

She says anyone who has information as to her husband's whereabouts should contact the Lexington police detectives at (859) 258-3700.