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Noisemaker suit is settled

NICHOLASVILLE — A Jessamine County farmer has stopped the use of a noisemaking propane cannon to shoo away birds from sweet corn, thus ending a lawsuit filed by neighbors who were disturbed by the blasts.

The suit, filed last year in Jessamine Circuit Court, was settled earlier this month between farmer Dennis Polley and his neighbors in Hickman Creek Pointe, a rural subdivision.

The neighbors had said the noisemaker’s intermittent blasts devalued their properties and prevented them from enjoying their homes.

But Polley and his family contended that the noisemaker was necessary to ward off birds from sweet corn grown and sold at a roadside stand about 3 miles east of Nicholasville.

“Basically, Mr. Polley agreed not to do that anymore. So we said that’s fine,” said Bobby G. Wombles, the Lexington attorney who represented the neighbors.

Polley didn’t use the propane cannon this summer. “For which my clients are very grateful,” Wombles said.

The cannon Polley used is a device that sits on a tripod. It allows a regulated amount of propane to flow and, at a set interval, the timer triggers a spark that ignites the propane, causing a bang.

Polley said Thursday that he has found a new repellent. Holographic tape flashes and crackles in the wind, discouraging birds from landing in the corn.

“It works pretty good, as long as the wind is blowing,” he said.

Polley is happy to have peace with his neighbors. One is a good customer of the produce business which is now operated by Polley’s son. “I think it ended about as well as it could,” Polley said.