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In Lexington, 48 leave low-performing schools

Forty-eight Fayette County middle school students have transferred to Morton Middle or the Fayette County Public Schools Virtual Middle School as a result of their schools' failures to meet No Child Left Behind goals.

NCLB requires all schools that receive federal funds for low-income students, known as Title 1 schools, to offer transfer options if they don't meet federal targets in math and reading performance two years in a row.

Last year, there were 195 students in the district who transferred to other schools.

Paula Whitmer, Title 1 coordinator, said there are several reasons why fewer students transferred. Among the biggest reasons is that there are fewer schools that didn't meet their goals. Also, none of the district's five high schools met the federal targets, so the only Title 1 high school, Bryan Station High, couldn't offer transfers.

Fayette County asked surrounding districts whether they would take students, but those school districts declined, Whitmer said.

Eleven students transferred from Crawford Middle, nine transferred from Leestown Middle, 19 transferred from Tates Creek Middle and nine transferred from Winburn Middle.

Thirty students transferred to Morton and 18 students opted for the virtual middle school, which was established last year to give students another transfer option because many district middle schools are crowded. It is housed at Crawford Middle School.