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Short-dress wearer sues over Web posting

RICHMOND — A college student who says she was kicked out of a Central Kentucky mall for wearing a short dress has filed suit over comments posted about her on a newspaper's Web site.

Kymberly Clem claims she was escorted by security from the Richmond Mall on Aug. 9 over a dispute about the dress she was wearing. The 20-year-old is an Eastern Kentucky University student.

Clem's attorney says an anonymous posting four days later alleged that Clem had exposed herself to a woman and two children. The comment was posted on a forum on the Richmond Register newspaper's Web site.

Attorney Wesley Browne says the comment was "false" and "malicious." The newspaper erased the comment, and the poster, known as "12bme," was banned. The paper reported the lawsuit Tuesday.

Browne filed suit Monday against the unknown person, seeking unspecified damages.

Browne said Wednesday his client does not intend to sue the newspaper, and he said any action against the mall would be a separate matter.

He said the comment was posted on a newspaper forum owned by Groupee Inc. of Seattle. Browne said it's not yet clear whether he'll have to obtain the poster's identity from the newspaper or through Groupee.

Register Editor Jim Todd said the comment and references to it were removed because they violated the Web site's terms of service, to which all participants must agree.

Browne has subpoenaed Register Assistant Editor Lorie Love to give a deposition in connection with the suit. She is responsible for posting news stories to the newspaper's Web site.

Vicki Strunk, manager of Richmond Mall, did not return a call seeking comment Wednesday.