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Lincoln County man guilty of shooting girlfriend

A Lincoln County man has been convicted of shooting his former girlfriend as she begged for her life.

Jurors were out of the courtroom only six minutes before convicting Sharon Dale Greer, 72, of first-degree assault and wanton endangerment late Wednesday, according to Commonwealth's Attorney Eddy Montgomery.

The jury also convicted Greer of being a persistent felony offender based on his 1997 manslaughter conviction for killing a man in Pulaski County.

The victim in the latest shooting, Sandra Mullins, survived. She testified she had ended a year-long relationship with Greer before he attacked her.

Mullins said Greer waited outside her home and shot her twice with a shotgun — the second time as she lay on the ground — after she arrived home with her 2-year-old granddaughter, Montgomery said.

Montgomery urged the jury to recommend a sentence that could keep Greer in prison the rest of his life. The jury did so, recommending a life sentence on the assault charge and 10 years on the endangerment charge, to run consecutively.

Circuit Judge David Tapp has scheduled sentencing for Oct. 10.