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Police seek female suspect in fatal break-in

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Paris woman who police say was involved in a break-in at an apartment complex near Hamburg Wednesday during which a resident shot and killed one of the alleged intruders.

Lexington police spokeswoman Ann Gutierrez said a warrant for first-degree complicity to commit burglary has been issued for Teshayla Marie Clark, 30, of Paris.

Police have been searching for the woman since Wednesday.

Investigators said Brian Simpson, 28, was shot and killed after he, Clark and Reginald Laron Jones charged into an apartment on Polo Club Boulevard.

Jones, 24, was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with first-degree burglary.

According to police, the couple who lives in the apartment answered knocks at the door and were "rushed" by three people with handguns. One of the residents got a handgun and shot Simpson, police said.

No information about any possible relationship between the intruders and the residents has been released. Police have not also said why the three people were at the home.

Police have not charged the shooter. Investigators have said the case might be considered self-defense.