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Historic Maysville home goes up for sale

MAYSVILLE — There's bound to be a buyer who will take on Phillips' Folly.

The large Greek Revival home, built by Maysville's second mayor nearly two centuries ago, is going up for sale Friday.

Construction of the large home began in 1825 and was completed in 1831. With 12 rooms, it was the largest in town and built on a dry foundation of stones set without mortar. According to local history, William B. Phillips ran out of money during construction and disappeared. The abandoned skeleton of the house became known as Phillips' Folly.

Legend has it that Phillips returned to complete the home in 1831 after a successful gambling trip to New Orleans.

Mason County Master Commissioner Jeff Schumacher said he hopes conducting the sale at the home will generate more interest than selling through the normal channels of the courthouse, because interested buyers will be able to see what they're bidding on.

"It's an important building that needs to be in the hands of someone who will fix it," Schumacher said of the home.

Most recently the building has been used as office space for attorney Michelle Jackson-Rigg, the current owner.

Schumacher said the judgment against the property is $59,600, which includes the outstanding mortgage on the house.

Schumacher said he has had "two serious inquiries."

Dawn Browning, director of the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, said she hopes the new owner would consider developing a home for local artists guilds and artists to enhance the cultural arts environment of the area.

"We are hoping we get a good neighbor," Browning said.