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Old Nancy High School catches fire

Authorities will return to the old Nancy High School in Pulaski County Wednesday morning to try and determine why it caught fire.

About 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, smoke and flames were seen coming from the former cafeteria, said Nancy Volunteer Fire Chief Chris Cox.

Crews from Parkers Mill, Burnside and Faubush were called to assist. An ambulance and hazardous materials crew from Somerset were also called after 55-gallon drums of methanol and bleach were found stored in the school, Cox said.

He did not think the chemicals contributed to the fire, but they could have caused a greater problem had they ignited, he said.

The cafeteria was destroyed and the exterior to the gymnasium was singed, the chief said.

The fire's cause was not immediately known. The last graduating class was in 1981, he said.