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GOP outpaces Democrats in campaign fund-raising

The Republican Party of Kentucky and the Kentucky Democratic Party both have well over $1 million to help state candidates and their respective presidential tickets in the Bluegrass state this fall.

The state GOP reported to the Federal Election Commission on Friday that it has nearly $1.47 million on hand heading into the last six weeks of the election cycle, while the Democrats' federal bank account had nearly $1.39 million available, according to its report filed Saturday.

The big difference between the two parties' fund-raising recently was that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee kicked in $1 million to the state party since July. In total, the state Democratic Party has received an influx of more than $1.6 million from national party organizations — twice the $888,000 it has raised from individual donors this year.

The state Republican Party reported bringing in $308,161 from its joint fund-raiser in June with GOP Presidential candidate John McCain. But the state party didn't receive any checks from the Republican National Committee or affiliated groups in the last three months. The GOP, to date, has raised nearly twice as much money from individual contributors and political action committees than the Democratic Party in 2008.