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Man pleads guilty in 2002 double murder

On a day when one man agreed to plead guilty to his role in a 6-year-old double murder, two other men were indicted for the crime.

Charles Smith and an unidentified man were indicted Friday by a Lincoln County grand jury. They are the fourth and fifth suspects in the 2002 murders of Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw.

Commonwealth's Attorney Eddy Montgomery said yet another person could still be indicted.

In court Friday, Matthew Tolson agreed to a 20-year prison sentence for his role in the murders. In exchange, he will testify at trial against other suspects and plead guilty to two counts of facilitation to commit murder and one count each of robbery and burglary, Montgomery said.

Shangraw, 20, and Upton, 18, were gunned down in Shangraw's Stanford home on Feb. 1, 2002. A number of assailants entered the home and shot Shangraw and Upton. Two girls were wounded but survived.