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Yard might contain buried Civil War remains

SPRINGFIELD — A couple in Central Kentucky will soon know whether the yard around their house, thought to have served as a hospital during the Civil War, is the final resting place of hundreds of war dead.

The Danville Advocate-Messenger reports that Ben and Susan Breeding, owners of the old Jack Arnold House in Washington County, think more than 300 Civil War graves and some human limbs are buried on their property. They think limbs were tossed over the porch after surgery.

But Ben Breeding thinks he already has all the evidence he needs.

Besides intuition and historical knowledge, Breeding has a secret weapon — his dowsing rods. He said metal such as steel can detect buried human remains and water lines.

Archaeologists Philip Mink and Donald Handshoe of the Kentucky Archaeological Survey have gone over the grounds using ground penetrating radar technology. It will take several weeks for results to be finalized.