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Slaying said to be gang related

One of four juveniles and three adults accused in what police say is a gang-related shooting last December has admitted to police that he pulled the trigger.

That revelation emerged Monday at a suppression hearing in Fayette Circuit Court for Manny Erevia, 16, who wants his statements from police thrown out.

After meeting with police for four interviews beginning Dec. 22, Erevia admitted on Jan. 8 to killing Luis Quiroz.

Quiroz, 19, was found dead Dec. 21, 2007, on Trailwood Lane, in a suburban development in the hills off Alexandria Drive. He died at University of Kentucky Hospital from a gunshot wound to the head.

Erevia is charged with murder.

Erevia's interview was played Monday in a court hearing. His attorney wants his statements tossed because police did not read him his Miranda rights until the last interview, and because they did not seek permission from his parents to talk to him.

Six other men have been charged with complicity to murder: Adrian Buenrostro, 19; Isaias Manuel, 20; Matthew Silas Robey, 26; Jose Cruz, 16; Jose Chavarria, 17; and Julio Vargas-Torres, 18. Vargas-Torres was 17 at the time of the shooting.

Police have said the men were members of the Latin Kings gang.

The victim's girlfriend, Ana Carbajal, told police that she thinks Quiroz was killed because he did not respect the gang's hierarchy, Detective Matt Brotherton testified.

Buenrostro, Manuel and Chavarria have cut plea deals with prosecutors and are expected to testify against the four remaining defendants at a trial scheduled to begin Nov. 10.

Police have said the shooting stemmed from an "internal issue" in the gang. Court documents state that Robey — also known as "King Red Dog" — ordered the killing of Quiroz. The documents don't say why Quiroz was killed.

Circuit Judge Ernesto Scorsone did not rule on Erevia's request Monday.