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Corvette Museum plans new exhibit

BOWLING GREEN — Not everyone can have the chance to rev a Corvette engine, but a Florida company's design for an exhibit in the car's Kentucky museum might be the next best thing.

Designing a Hall of Fame exhibit for Corvette designers and an area for the sports car's fans at Bowling Green's National Corvette Museum is a prestigious project, said Mary Frances Turner, president and CEO of Tallahassee, Fla.-based Synergy Design Group.

"It is not just that it is a high-profile project but like almost everyone ... we've all dreamed about having a Corvette one day," Turner said. "So this is extremely rewarding."

Creating an interactive experience will be a big part of Synergy's plans.

"It is important from an interpretation point of view to do things for all visitors — young and old and whatever challenges they have," Turner said. "So we will have games, interactive videos, films and try to involve people in the experience as much as possible."

Creating an interesting exhibit can be a challenge, especially for people who already know the Corvette well, Strode said.

"On any given day, the majority of our visitors will be interstate travelers and at best car enthusiasts who we need to engage, entertain and educate," Strode said. "But then at the same time when we have Corvette people here, we've got to be able for them to feel they are being engaged as well."

The (Bowling Green) Daily News reports that Nashville-based 1220 Exhibits will build the designs. The project will cost about $470,000, said museum director Wendell Strode.

Turner expects the part of the museum that will hold the new exhibits to be ready for them in the spring, she said.

Work on the $10 million renovation and 47,000-square-foot expansion is on schedule and should be ready for the new exhibits by spring, Strode said.