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Riding to the rescue

Thirty riders and one person on foot got a chance to hoof it Sunday to raise money to help horses.

The Kentucky arm of the National Rescue Ride campaign, which took place in Frankfort and across the country, raised money for registered equine charities. The Frankfort event benefited the Kentucky Equine Humane Center in Nicholasville.

The rescue ride worked much like other charity races. Participants registered and raised money before the event for the horse rescue center, then gathered at Kamp Kessa in Frankfort for a two-hour trail ride. Kamp Kessa is a program for children where horses are used to teach social skills.

Riders could rent a horse for the day or bring their own, said Jennifer Tosch, farm manager of the Equine Humane Center. Only one person walked, but got a ride on a horse near the end of the trail, Tosch said.

Tosch said the event was fun and helped spread awareness of equine rescue efforts.

"There is a need for help and volunteering, whether it is monetary or physical labor, for organizations to help our equines that are in need," Tosch said.