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Frankfort shooting victim says good deed went awry

A Northern Kentucky man says he was shot Tuesday when he stopped to help a man walking along a Frankfort road who appeared to be in distress, police said.

Jody Hatchett, 35, of Corinth said he was driving near the ramp from U.S. 127 to Ky. 2261 (Holmes Street) in Frankfort when he noticed the man, Frankfort police said.

The man was carrying a cane, and he appeared to be elderly and in need of assistance.

Hatchett pulled over and approached the man to help. That's when Hatchett says the man pointed a handgun to his head and demanded cash.

Hatchett told police he tried to push the gun away and was shot in his right hand. The unknown man ran away.

Hatchett drove himself to Frankfort Regional Medical Center, where police took the report He was later transferred to a hospital in Louisville.

The man was described as Hispanic and wearing a long gray coat with a hood.

Frankfort police ask that anyone with information about the incident call Detective Mike Johnson at (502) 875-8523 or visit