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Man charged with attempted murder of officer

RICHMOND — A plan to serve a search warrant Thursday morning escalated into a police shooting that left a Richmond man with a gunshot wound to the buttock and a Kentucky State Trooper with a broken kneecap.

Mikeith D. Wilson's posterior wound, which authorities said did not appear to be life-threatening, was treated at University of Kentucky Hospital. He was released and then taken into police custody Thursday afternoon.

Wilson, 29, has been charged with attempted murder of a police officer for allegedly hitting state police Detective Jasper White with a van at a Shell gas station on Eastern Bypass, state police said. Wilson has also been charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance, OxyContin, first-degree wanton endangerment and first-degree fleeing and evading.

White was released Thursday afternoon from Pattie A. Clay Hospital in Richmond, where he was treated for a broken kneecap. He is now on administrative leave.

Two passengers in the van, Lavaughn R. King, 31, and Shamika Flood, 29, were also arrested and charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance. Flood's 14-year-old nephew, a passenger in the van who recently moved to Richmond to go to school, has been placed in foster care. None of the passengers were injured.

White and Richmond Detective Rodney Tudor were en route to an apartment on Killarney Lane just before 2 a.m. Thursday to assist other detectives with a search warrant for drug trafficking, state police Trooper Chris Lanham said.

They noticed a van related to the case parked at the Shell station off Interstate 75 exit 87 near the apartment.

Rajnikant Patel, the owner of the Shell gas station, was about to leave his store when the van pulled up to the building. He said one of the passengers came in and bought a cigarillo.

The officers approached the vehicle and began to order Wilson to turn off the van and get out, Lanham said. Instead, Wilson reached under the seat and accelerated.

The van hit White, and both officers began to fire at Wilson, Lanham said. The officers thought their lives were in danger, and it appeared they acted properly, he said.

Patel and his co-workers didn't notice anything unusual until they looked outside and saw White hanging on the hood of the van, he said.

"The only thing I thought was he was going to get killed," Patel said.

Then the group heard gunshots and ran to a back room.

"The vehicle is considered a deadly weapon," Lanham said. He later added: "They didn't know whether he was trying to reach for a weapon."

Wilson had leaned to the right, toward the passenger side, when he reached down, which exposed the buttock that was shot, Lanham said.

Wilson was shot once, but it is not yet clear which officer shot him because the officers have similar weapons, he said.

Lanham said Tudor tried to get the driver's door open as officers were giving commands. But Lanham said he doesn't know whether the van door was open or the window was down when the man was shot.

White is a 30-year veteran of the state police. Tudor has been with the Richmond police department for 11 years.

After he was shot, Wilson drove to the same apartment to which the officers were traveling. But several officers were already in the area and took him into custody quickly, Lanham said.

Two people from the apartment at 186 Killarney Lane were also taken into custody. Tenika Pettigrew, 25, and Dre D. Perry, 30, were charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance, OxyContin; possession of marijuana; first-degree possession of a controlled substance, cocaine; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The suspects are being held at the Madison County jail.