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Recanvasses don't change winners

FRANKFORT — A second look at two tight legislative races has netted the same results — victory for the incumbents.

In a Northern Kentucky Senate race, Republican Sen. Jack Westwood finished ahead of Democrat Kathy Groob. And Central Kentucky House race finished with State Rep. Tim Moore, an Elizabethtown Republican, defeating Democrat Mike Weaver.

The General Assembly's balance of power won't change following the election.

On Thursday, local county election officials conducted a recanvassing — in which local election officials essentially check their math — of the races. Candidates have until Friday to petition for a recount.

Heading in, the GOP controlled the Senate 22-14-1, while Democrats led the House 62-36 with two open seats. If the results hold, the Senate numbers would stay the same, while the Democrats would lead 65-35.

After the extra look, Westwood finished with 21,057 votes to Groob's 20,250 votes to hold on to the seat that represents Northern Kentucky's Kenton County in the legislature.

Groob spent more than $300,000 on the race, and Westwood spent more than $250,000. The race also attracted attention from political groups from outside Kenton County.

Barely 100 votes separated Moore and Weaver in the race for the district that includes Fort Knox. Moore had 7,659 to Weaver's 7,551.

Local races

In Lexington, after a recanvass of votes in the District 5 Urban County Council, race, Cheryl Feigel was declared the winner of the election Thursday morning.

Runner-up Edward Norton had asked Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins for a recanvass of the Nov. 4 election results. Norton, an insurance salesman, had lost to retiree Feigel by 67 votes.

During the recanvass, the paper tapes from the electronic voting machines were checked against the final tally. The final vote count did not change.

A recanvassing of results for Paducah's mayoral race between incumbent Bill Paxton and challenger Robert Coleman also did not change, McCracken County Clerk Jeff Jerrell said.