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Recount sought in Hardin vote for state House

ELIZABETHTOWN — A local official asked a judge on Tuesday to order a recount in a state legislative race in Hardin County after the losing candidate questioned the election's validity.

"Everything was above-board, and we want to prove that," Hardin County Clerk Kenneth Tabb said.

Democratic challenger Mike Weaver, who lost to Republican state Rep. Tim Moore, said Tuesday he plans to contest the Nov. 4 election, alleging improprieties at one precinct.

If he challenges the outcome, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives would determine whether the Democrat or the Republican is the legitimate winner in Hardin County's 26th District.

A recanvass showed Moore won by 108 votes. Weaver alleges improprieties in a precinct that Moore won by 250 votes. He is seeking to have those votes thrown out.

At issue is whether precinct workers broke the law by opening a broken voting machine, removing the paper ballots, and feeding them into another voting machine to be tabulated. Weaver also alleged that precinct workers gave some voters paper ballots to fill out while they stood in line.

Tabb told The Courier-Journal that he saw no evidence that ballots were handed out early. Tabb, a Democrat, said he doesn't think anything illegal occurred in the election and that the vote count is correct.

Under state law, Weaver's first step in contesting the election is to take the matter to the House, where he served from 1997-2006.

Moore said he thinks his Democratic challenger is seeking to have the election overturned through partisan politics.

"This effort, the very hint of disenfranchising hundreds of voters in Hardin County, is appalling," Moore said.