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Lexington 4-year-old has it covered

The little cutie in the box on the cover of this week's Parade Magazine is from Lexington.

"He stole the show," Andria Holtz Jackson of Lexington said of her 4-year-old son, Anthony Jackson Jr., who goes by A.J.

Andria Jackson's extended family in Louisville is featured in the weekly magazine's story on inexpensive holiday traditions. They gather each Christmas Eve for a sing-along centered around a 15-minute-long German folk song.

It's a day of "good food, memories and seeing each other," she said.

Jackson said she started not to take A.J. to Louisville for the photo shoot at her grandmother's home, but more children were needed for the pictures, so she went over for the second day of the two-day shoot.

When they got there, A.J. got in the wrapped box and "we couldn't get him out," she said. "That's where he wanted to be."

In the photo chosen for the cover, A.J. is in the foreground, surrounded by his cousins.

Jackson said she's proud of her little guy.

"Will Smith has been on the cover. Oprah's been on the cover," she said.

And what does A.J. think of his moment of fame?

He "does not care," his mother said with a laugh.