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Ex-Fayette teacher indicted on 5 sex charges

A former Beaumont Junior High School science teacher was indicted Monday on sodomy and rape allegations by two students dating back to the late 1970s.

Jack Russell Hubbard, 61, was indicted on four charges of first-degree sodomy and a count of first-degree rape in connection with accusations made by former students Thomas "Beau" Goodman III and Carol Lynne Maner, respectively.

Hubbard was arrested in July 2007 in Pennsylvania as Maner was testifying in a high-profile civil trial in Lexington against the Fayette County School Board. Maner, who accused the school board of ignoring a pattern of alleged sexual abuse against her by several school board employees, won a $3.9 million verdict. An appeal by the board is pending.

Another former teacher, Roberta Walter (formerly known as Roberta Blackwell), 62, was also arrested on the same day. But special prosecutor Tom Smith said Walter's case has not yet been presented to a grand jury.

The Herald-Leader does not generally identify people who allege sexual abuse. However, Maner came forward after she filed the civil lawsuit and Goodman's attorneys also have discussed the case after Maner filed her lawsuit.

Lawyer Bill M. Butler, who represents Hubbard, said it is highly unusual for co-defendants to not have their cases presented to the grand jury at the same time.

"I am shocked that her case (Walter's) wouldn't have been presented also," Butler said. "I guess I'll have to ask Mr. Smith why her case wasn't presented."

Butler indicated that Hubbard plans to fight the charges. He said the case would not have been pursued had it not been for Maner's lawsuit.

"This whole thing is about the money," Butler said. "He has been a good teacher everywhere he has been."

Hubbard had been teaching in Japan. He was arrested last year when he was in the United States visiting family.

Hubbard, who is free on bond, currently resides out of state. His passport was revoked as a condition of his bond.

Smith declined to comment Monday on why Walter's case was not presented to the grand jury.

"This is an ongoing investigation, and I can't really comment further about any other potential defendants," he said.

Hubbard and Walter's cases are intertwined, as Maner has accused them of passing her back and forth for their sexual gratification.

Walter is charged with third-degree sodomy and third-degree rape in connection with Maner's case. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges. She's free on bond.

Hubbard left the Fayette school district in 1981. Walter retired in 1998.

Goodman told police that when he was 14 to 15 years old, Hubbard sodomized him 30 times, according to court records.

Hubbard was originally charged with third-degree rape, but the grand jury increased the charge.

"I am relieved that action has finally been taken," said Maner, 45. "I think Tom Smith has done a very thorough job in getting information together and coming down with these indictments. I truly believe that a dangerous pedophile is out there."