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City expands recycling for electronics

The city is expanding its recycling program for electronic waste to make the service available year-round.

In making the announcement Tuesday, city officials said the change is effective immediately, and just in time for an expected glut of cast-off computers and TVs after the holidays.

"This service expansion is part of our overall goal of improving recycling in order to improve our stewardship of the environment," said Mayor Jim Newberry. "We are currently analyzing what our citizens throw away to identify new targets for recycling."

In the past, the city has offered electronics recycling on a quarterly basis. Now, the E-Waste Recycling Center will be open six days a week: 8 a.m. until noon Monday, Tuesday and Saturday; and noon until 4 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The E-Waste Recycling Center is at 1306 Versailles Road.

The following household items will be accepted at no charge for recycling: personal computers and accessories, tube-type and LCD monitors, inkjet and laser printers, personal photocopy machines, cell phones, televisions (no large console units), cell phones, video games and game consoles, stereo and audio/visual equipment, VCRs, DVDs, microwave ovens, fluorescent light bulbs (both tubes and the new compact fluorescent bulbs) and thermostats.

The service is for residential e-waste only. No more than three of the same type of e-waste items will be accepted at one time.

To deal with security concerns, Newberry said, the city has hired a company to erase information from old computer hard drives.

City officials said that because of a government-mandated change to digital transmission television signals in February 2009, it is expected that e-waste dumping of older analog televisions will grow significantly next year.