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You couldn't tell the season by the weather

The Lexington area has been buffeted by weird weather all December — rainy and windy and cloudy, with seesawing temperatures and the possibility of more gusty, damp grimness for the Christmas weekend.

Angie Lese, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Louisville, notes that the Kentucky area is sitting at the intersection of two hard-charging weather patterns: "Any little shimmy in that will vary our weather greatly in a short period of time."

For December so far, Lexington's average temperature has been down by four degrees, with wild variations: a balmy 67 degrees on Dec. 19, plummeting to a frigid 3 degrees on Dec. 22.

Precipitation for the month included 2.7 inches of snow and ice, but a total of 3.81 inches overall because of the seemingly torrential rains that have come with the warm snaps. That's up about three-quarters of an inch from the usual December. Wind speed has been brisk, with four December days in which high winds clocked in at more than 40 mph.

And if it has seemed like a gloomy holiday season in which the sun doesn't shine, it's because 19 days of December have been considered either cloudy or partly cloudy by the National Weather Service.

At press time Wednesday, a flood warning had been issued for Dundee, a small town along the Rough River in Western Kentucky, after 3 inches of rain had fallen since Tuesday night. Across the state, up to 2 inches fell Wednesday.