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Civil War monument planned in Madison

RICHMOND — A Texas historical group plans a monument to mark the Central Kentucky site of a significant Confederate victory in the Civil War.

Madison County Historic Properties Director Phillip Seyfrit says the Texas Historical Commission will dedicate the monument in Madison County's Battlefield Park on May 23.

The monument will be made of sunset-red granite and stand 8 feet tall, Seyfrit says. On it will be lists of the Texas units involved in the August 1862 battle along with an explanation of their roles in the fight.

"We are gratified to have Texas erect the first state-sponsored memorial on the Richmond Battlefield," Seyfrit told the Richmond Register.

Seyfrit says the monument will be placed by a paved pathway in the park, near the ravine from which Confederate troops emerged to charge the Union's right, causing the Union line to fall back. An interpretive sign already stands near the site.

Other Civil War battlefields, such as Perryville in Boyle County, are dotted with monuments commemorating the action of troops from various states, according to Seyfrit.

"Because Texas troops figured so prominently in the Battle of Richmond, it is fitting that Texas be the first state outside Kentucky to erect a monument to its troops here," he observed.

The plan is sponsored by the Texas Historical Commission, but the monument's cost will be funded entirely by private donations, Seyfrit said. He noted that the commission has raised nearly all the monument's $10,000 cost.

The Madison County Civil War Round Table contributed $100, and the Civil War Preservation Trust also supported the effort. Chairman John Nau III said the Texas group plans to erect a series of new memorials as the American Civil War Sesquicentennial approaches.

The first was dedicated Dec. 17 at Rowlett's Station near Mumfordville in Hart County.