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Garrard Circuit Court clerk retires

Garrard Circuit Court Clerk Jennifer Grubbs has retired amid an investigation into possible misconduct.

Grubbs was temporarily suspended Dec. 16 after John D. Minton Jr., chief justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court, signed an order barring her from performing any duties associated with the clerk's position.

Grubbs retired effective Dec. 31, said Leigh Anne Hiatt, public information officer for the state Administrative Office of the Courts.

"The internal investigation is continuing in spite of her retirement, and it should be completed in the next few days," Hiatt said.

No other details about the investigation have been released, but Grubbs has not been charged.

Those interested in filling the circuit court clerk's position must pass a test that will be administered at 1 p.m. Monday at the AOC offices in Frankfort.

In the case of a vacancy, Circuit Judge Hunter Daugherty designates those who can take the exam.

Those who wish to take the test "express interest to the chief circuit judge and then he designates who can take it," Hiatt said. Generally, a judge will designate deputy circuit clerks to take the test.

Daugherty then names a replacement from among those who pass the test and apply for the position, Hiatt said. The judge has 30 days after the vacancy occurs to appoint a qualified person. If that person wants to seek election, he or she would run in the November 2010 general election.

In that election cycle, the circuit court clerk's test is open to the public.

The pay of circuit court clerks is based on the population of the county they serve. The incoming Garrard circuit court clerk will make $64,452, according to the AOC.

Grubbs took office in May 1993. Based on her years of service, she made $69,840 at the time of her retirement, according to the AOC.

Woodford Circuit Court Clerk Tricia Kittinger continues to serve in Grubbs' place until a successor is appointed.