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Sitter suspected abuse of infant

FRANKFORT — The neighbor who reported a Frankfort couple accused of abusing their infant son says she had a hunch for months that the boy she loved like a grandson was being hurt.

John Travillian, 21, and Ashley Travillian, 19, were arrested Thursday after a grand jury indicted them on a charge of criminal abuse. They are scheduled to appear in court Jan. 16 for an arraignment.

The Travillians were being held at the Franklin County Regional Jail and have declined interviews. John Travillian's bond was set at $50,000 cash; Ashley Travillian's bond was $20,000 cash.

Nancy Day lives next door to the Travillians on Crosshill Drive in Frankfort. Day said she has baby-sat for the 3-month-old, Joshua, almost every day since he was born.

On Dec. 20, Day said she noticed bruises that covered the baby's body.

"His whole little butt was black and blue," she recalled. She said Joshua also had bruises on his left leg and fingerprints on his back.

Joshua was taken to Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville for examination, and doctors discovered he also had a broken right leg, said Detective Mike Johnson of the Frankfort police department.

Johnson said Joshua looked like "a solid bruise" when he was taken to the hospital. "I've seen a lot of child abuse cases. This one was pretty bad," Johnson said. "Probably the only ones I've seen worse ended up in a fatality."

Police say John Travillian admitted that he abused Joshua.

Authorities also held Ashley Travillian responsible because they say she did nothing to prevent the abuse.

"The grand jury felt that by the doctor's report, there is no way she could not have known this," Johnson said. Joshua and his 14-month-old sister are now in foster care.

Day said she'd noticed small bruises on Joshua before but his parents always explained the marks, and Day didn't think they were "that kind of people."

"Yes, I am the bad woman that turned her in," Day said. "But I'm not sorry that I did."