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Beshear's campaign paid for Christmas cards

FRANKFORT — Gov. Steve Beshear did send out holiday greeting cards last month, thanks to his 2007 campaign.

A controversy of sorts about the cards arose in early December after state Republican Party Chairman Steve Robertson said Beshear could not send out the cards at the expense of the state Democratic Party.

Political parties traditionally have paid for sitting governors' holiday cards. But Robertson said that could run afoul of a ruling last September, by the Registry of Election Finance, that a political party cannot pay for Christmas cards featuring only an elected official and his family.

The GOP had sought the registry ruling because it had contemplated sending out cards featuring Secretary of State Trey Grayson and Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer.

Robertson said last month that the only way Beshear could pay for the cards would be from his own pocketbook or from money raised during his 2007 campaign for governor.

Beshear's campaign paid for his holiday cards, and identified the source of payment as required by law, said Beshear spokesman Jay Blanton.

"We checked with the registry before doing it," he added.

The cost: $458.80.