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Fewer than 73,000 still without power

Power outages from the January ice storm were down to approximately 35,000 regulated utility customers by the end of the weekend. Other utilities, including the Tennessee Valley Authority, had reported about 38,000 as of Friday; updates from these utilities were not available Sunday.

According to Andrew Melnykovych at the state Public Service Commission, power was restored on Saturday to the last 30 Kentucky Utilities customers in the Lexington area, unless there was a problem on the homeowner's end that required repairs, such as masthead or structural damage. KU was down to about 4,300 customers without power statewide.

Clark Energy, in Powell and Madison counties, still had a few dozen customers, mostly in rural locations such as the Red River Gorge area, without power.

In Western Kentucky, where damages were more severe and widespread, some cooperatives estimate it may take until Feb. 22 for full restoration, he said.