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UPDATED: 4 treated in Richmond for carbon monoxide poisoning

Investigators say four people with carbon monoxide poisoning were sent Monday to a Richmond hospital after being exposed to improperly ventilated generators.

They were taken from Kort Physical Therapy to Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center after showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, said Richmond Fire Department spokesman Corey Lewis.

A firefighter who was being treatment at the clinic, in the 5000 block of Atwood Drive, overheard complaints of nausea and other symptoms, and told the women to call the fire department. Readings indicated high carbon monoxide levels that could have been fatal if the women remained exposed, Lewis said.

A pipe burst next door to Kort in an unoccupied office, and fans and dehumidifiers were set up to dry out the carpet, Lewis said.

The past two weeks, several deaths across Kentucky were attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning caused by people using generators without proper ventilation during the ice storm.