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Lexington trio give aid to passenger

Three Lexington residents helped save a man who suffered an apparent heart attack on a Dallas-bound flight from Lexington.

About 30 minutes after American Eagle Flight 3782 took off about 6:25 a.m. from Blue Grass Airport, Andy Caudill saw a man in his 50s in distress. The man had no color and no pulse, Caudill said.

Caudill, an American Airlines first officer, says he asked if there were any medical personnel on board and two nurses from St. Joseph's Hospital jumped up. Along with a flight attendant, Shannon Evans and Teresa McKenney used a defibrillator on the man.

The man, who has not been identified, revived briefly, but then lost consciousness and Caudill told the pilots to land.

They landed in Nashville and a medical team on the ground helped the man off the plane and to a hospital, Caudill said. It turned out he and his wife had recently relocated to Lexington from Nashville, he added.

"If Teresa and Shannon weren't on board, I'd have had to do that. They saved his life. They truly did," Caudill said. The trio ate an early lunch at the Friday's restaurant inside the airport and then the two nurses got on a rebooked flight to begin their Key West vacation, Caudill said.

Caudill, a graduate of Lexington Catholic and University of Kentucky, made it to Dallas to begin a four-day criss-crossing between the Caribbean and the Texas Panhandle.

"When it opens, we're all going to Keeneland," he said of his new friends.