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Judge rejects new trial for man who fled fatal accident

A Fayette County circuit judge refused Friday to grant a new trial for Shannon Houser, who was convicted earlier this month of fleeing the scene of an accident that killed a University of Kentucky freshman.

The April accident killed Connie Blount, 18, who was crossing Broadway. According to testimony at the trial, Blount crossed Broadway against a light and had knelt down in the middle of the street.

Houser's attorney, Ed Dove, argued that Houser should have a new trial because prosecutors didn't provide sufficient evidence to prove that Houser had tampered with evidence after the accident.

At the trial, police said that Houser had removed the grill from the front of his pick-up after the accident. They did not say that he tried to hide the grill, Dove said Friday morning.

"The jury inferred it was hidden, but that wasn't the evidence," Dove said.

Judge James Ishmael denied the motion. He also denied a request to grant Houser work release.

Houser is scheduled to be sentenced next month.