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Hospital performs 1st type of incisionless weight-loss surgery in U.S.

Surgeons at Central Baptist Hospital performed what the hospital says is the first incisionless bariatric surgery in the United States on Monday.

The woman who had the surgery, Teresia McArthur, 51, of Georgetown, was able to go home the same day.

Drs. Peter Denk, John Oldham Jr. and G. Derek Weiss performed the surgery by inserting a scope into McArthur's stomach through her mouth. The surgeons then used specially designed tools to suture her stomach into a smaller shape.

Bariatric surgery helps patients lose weight by reducing the size of their stomachs and reducing their appetite.

Incisionless bariatric surgery has been done in the past on patients who had had the surgery before but needed their stomach resized because they were gaining weight. (The surgery does not work if patients don't change their eating habits.)

The surgery performed at Central Baptist was a slightly different procedure that allowed incisionless surgery on a person who had never had bariatric surgery before.

Reached at her home in Georgetown, McArthur said she felt pretty good. She's on a clear liquid diet this week. Over the next four weeks, she'll slowly return to a more normal diet.

McArthur, who weighed 236 pounds before the surgery, hopes to lose 100 pounds.

"It's going to be a life-changing way of eating," she said.