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Driver crashes into Lexington home

A Chevy Malibu crashed into a home on Lansdowne Drive at about 11:10 p.m. Tuesday.

The homeowner was not injured, but the driver of the vehicle, whose identy was not available, was taken to Lexington's veterans hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to Lexington Fire Captain Doug Boyd.

The homeowner, Clem Kelly, said he was awaken from a sound sleep when the car crashed into the corner of his brick ranch in 3400 block of Lansdowne Drive.

"That's my swing in my living room and I certainly didn't invite them in," he said. "It hasn't been my day."

Glass was scattered throughout the room and a wing-back chair chair was pushed in several feet. A window was broken out and several feet of drywall — a large rectangle — was missing from the home.

Kelly said he was unsure whether he would be permitted by officials to stay in the home overnight.

"It's going to get awful cold in here," he said.

He also didn't know what further damage might happen when they pull the car out of the house.